Audyssey Black Friday Sale – Nov 2023

Audyssey is giving 25% off MultEQ-X licenses between 17 and 26 November 2023.

With 25% off the normal price of USD 199.95, the discounted price comes to USD 149.95.

You can purchase the discounted licenses in the MultEQ-X app either by purchasing one for a particular AVR on the login / landing page, or by going into User Account Settings and purchasing an unassigned licence from there that can be assigned to an AVR later.

This last purchasing option is great for those that are changing AVRs and waiting for them to be delivered over the holiday period or sometime next year.

You can read our review of MultEQ-X here.

Q&A From Audyssey

When does the sale start?

The sale starts at 12:01am (UTC) on November 17 and ends at 11:59pm (UTC) on November 26.

What is the sale discount?

The discount is 25% off the normal cost, so each license will be $149.95 instead of $199.95.

How do I buy a MultEQ-X license at the sale price?

Simply run the app, log in, go to the Connect page, and click the “Get License” button next to the AVR you want to activate.

Can I buy a MultEQ-X license at the sale price without activating an AVR?

Yes! In the latest versions of MultEQ-X, you can buy a license for future use by running the app, logging in, going to the Help page, and clicking the button that says “Buy MultEQ-X License For Future Use”. The license will stay in your account until you redeem it.

How do I buy a MultEQ-X Pro license at the sale price?

Please go to our MultEQ-X Pro order page. There is a 5-license minimum order for new MultEQ-X Pro users, but you can also transfer some MultEQ-X licenses (see below) by contacting us at

Remind me, what’s the difference between MultEQ-X and MultEQ-X Pro?

MultEQ-X Pro is designed for pro installers and other business users. It has all the same calibration features as MultEQ-X, but it doesn’t require a Microsoft account for logging in or purchasing licenses. We handle the sales directly here at Audyssey, and you can get volume discounts of 10% or greater, depending on the size of your order. Also, if you need tech support, you can talk directly to our engineers on the phone.

What if I’ve already bought some MultEQ-X licenses? Can I transfer them to MultEQ-X Pro?

Yes you certainly can. We will happily move your licenses to Pro, but you must purchase enough additional licenses to meet the 5-license minimum.

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