Our Checkout & Digital Delivery Process

The Platform

Our new checkout and delivery platform is powered by PayPal for payment processing and SendOwl for product delivery. This allows us to deliver a more seamless user experience throughout the product lifecycle. SendOwl allows us to deliver continuous updates to your product just as we are able to do on Apple Books – but with a reduced cost which is passed onto you, the customer!

The Process Flow

When you click the Payment button, you are taken to our new Checkout & Delivery system to initiate the checkout and delivery process.

Our New Checkout Page – Displayed on a Desktop Computer – (It is more compact on mobile)

Once you click on Complete Order, you are taken to PayPal for payment processing where you can either log into your PayPal account or check out as a guest using only a credit card.

The Last Option on the PayPal login page allows for a Guest Checkout

After payment, the delivery platform receives a “payment cleared” notification from PayPal and will initiate the delivery process. If your payment clears straight away, you will land on our Thank You! page. If it takes a few seconds longer, you will land on a “your payment is clearing, please check your inbox in a moment!” message.

The delivery process involves sending you an invoice and a download link where you’ll be able to download the product. If the product consist of multiple files – such as PDF and Excel spreadsheets – you will be able to access all those on the one download page as below.

Your Personal Download Page Emailed to You

What happens if you use up your download limits?

Nothing much! If you were to lose your files, you can email us and we can reset your download limits for you. Your limits will also reset every time we send you updates to your existing products, so you won’t miss out.

Is it Secure?

Yes, it is very secure. Our delivery platform only receives your email address and name to be able to deliver your order. No payment details are exchanged with us at any point. If you are a PayPal customer, then your payment details are stored securely with PayPal. If you are using the guest checkout function, your payment details are not saved, making it a good option for those who are very security conscious.

Please refer to PayPal’s Legal Agreements / Terms and Conditions for more.

What if You Have an Issue During the Checkout & Delivery Process?

Please use the below contact form and we will resolve your issue within a maximum of 24 hours dependent on your time zone. However, our response time is generally much shorter.

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