Why Audyssey Sounds Best with Room Treatment

Reverberation Time & High Frequencies Audyssey can sound can harsh in the high frequencies when set up incorrectly. Part of this issue however is to do with how the algorithm works. When Audyssey designed their room correction system, they were aware that the Reverberation Time (RT60) in the room contributes to the perceived loudness of... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Manual Calibration and REW

US$5.99 US$10.99 After payment, the PayPal confirmation page will have a button "RETURN TO WEBSITE", which you will need to press to return and download the manual. If the manual opens in your web browser then please save it from the file menu. Thank you for your purchase. Please find other products here if you... Continue Reading →

Building DIY Room Treatment Guide

Why this Guide? Room treatment is a critical part of building a home cinema but is often overlooked. It is even more difficult to convince people when specialised panels sell for crazy money - while not everyone is great at DIY or even know how to get started. I wanted to take the guesswork out... Continue Reading →

Secrets of Audyssey – Guide

Audyssey - Friend or Foe? Have you: Tuned off Audyssey correction as the sound is too harsh, piercing or high pitched?Do movies and music kind of sound off?Maybe you have left Audyssey on but turned off high frequency correction on some or all of your speakers using the Audyssey mobile app?Maybe you left Audyssey on... Continue Reading →

Home Cinema – Independent Consulting

Why Independent Consulting? Most of the companies you will engage with will be in the business of selling equipment - even if they build home cinemas / audio-visual setups. What this means is that they are not necessarily independent. They will have relationships with the equipment manufacturers and may well be preferring to use one... Continue Reading →

YPAO – The Lost Manual

Have you spent hours configuring your Yamaha system and you are still not satisfied with the result? Or maybe you just got your Yamaha system and you want to get the very best performance out of it? Then this guide is for you... US$9.99 US$15.99 After payment, the PayPal confirmation page will have a button... Continue Reading →

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