Open Letter to Dolby, DTS, THX and Audyssey

Loudness Compensation is a BIG DEAL. Since most people cannot listen to soundtracks at referent level (whatever that may be), people resort to doing their own house curves without any adherence to what the original soundtrack is meant to sound like. Considering the massive brain trust that is within Dolby and DTS, I am incredibly... Continue Reading →

Dolby Atmos isn’t Just About Height

Dolby Atmos introduced height channels to a lot of people’s home theatre setups. However, contrary to what many believe, height channels existed in the form of presence channels introduced by Yamaha in 1985 with the DSP-1 which could extract 4 height channels from 2-channel content. The DSP-1 was released a year before the introduction of... Continue Reading →

My Dream AVR

If I could design my own AVR, instead of taking one off the shelf, what would it be like? Someone might be crazy enough to do this or we could do a kick-starter? Here we go... DSP Features The most important for me would be the DSP features. I would like to have a multi-stage... Continue Reading →

Audyssey MultEQ-X Features and Thoughts

Update: 18 Dec. Revised article. Update 20 Dec. Added suggestion for resolving licensing issue. Introduction Audyssey has introduced MultEQ-X, a PC based software program that connects to Marantz and Denon AVRs that currently support the Audyssey Mobile App. The package is now available on the Microsoft Store and can be downloaded for your Windows PC... Continue Reading →

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