Dirac Live vs Audyssey vs YPAO R.S.C.

Since more and more companies are switching to Dirac Live in their receivers - Onkyo and Pioneer being two of the latest ones to do so - I thought it would be important to compare Dirac to Audyssey and YPAO. I don't see a lot of reviewers or sites fully explaining the pros and cons... Continue Reading →

News: Audyssey Pro is Coming Back!

That is correct! Audyssey is working on Pro installation software for PCs that will allow the use of a higher-quality microphone, more microphone positions and more configuration options than currently available. They are considering supporting the old Audyssey Pro Installer Kit, so if you still have yours, don't throw it away. They are also considering... Continue Reading →

Buying a Used JVC Projector

JVC's DILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplification) - also known as LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) - projectors have been the gold standard in Home Cinema since the introduction of their HD750 and HD950 models - although earlier models were also exceptional - but without the ability to full colour-correct them. So much so that James... Continue Reading →

Yamaha Surround:AI – Likey or Not Likey?

Yamaha introduced Surround:AI with their previous-generation receivers. I had a RX-A3080 with me to test for a month - not provided by Yamaha. While I appreciated the clean beautiful sound of the receiver - Surround:AI did not leave me impressed. Read on to see why! What is Surround:AI? I have written at length about Yamaha's... Continue Reading →

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