Apple Books FAQ

Which Pro Guides are available on Apple Books?

Currently only the below Pro Guides are available:

  • YPAO – The Lost Manual
  • Secrets of Audyssey

Is there any difference in the release schedule on Simple Home Cinema versus on Apple Books?

Yes, there is. There is about a month delay between new versions appearing on Apple Books versus on Simple Home Cinema. This is partly because the Apple Books package needs to include additional meta-data and then be sent to Apple for review being Apple will publish the update. Thank you for your patience, the updates will appear on your copy as well.

Is there any difference in content between the Simple Home Cinema and Apple Books versions?

Yes. The Apple Books versions include table of contents and other meta-data required for publishing. In addition, they include v1.0 of Building DIY Room Treatment Simply as additional content. V1.0 includes limited content as opposed to the newly released Room Treatment Guide (v2.0). Please note that this extra content is now delivered as a downloadable content on our site (see next section on how additional content is delivered).

Additionally, no vouchers are included in the Apple Books version of the product due to Apple Books policies.

However, you can still access the same benefits and book reduced price sessions with Roland with your receipt here. Please note that only the first session is discounted. Subsequent sessions are at full price.

How is additional content delivered such as Excel files?

The Excel files included with the releases – if any – are delivered through Simple Home Cinema’s delivery system. You will have a link in your Apple Books release and will need to use that link to download the files. However, since our delivery system works by sending out links to emails, you will still need to provide your email address to receive these files.

Please note that we don’t collect names from Apple Books customers. We also don’t sell email addresses to 3rd parties whether you purchase on our site or on Apple Books. If you are still concerned about your privacy, you are able to hide your email address on Apple devices using iCloud+. Please see more information on this feature here. The throw-away email address can be used to sign up for extra content and related updates on our site – and can be disabled or “burnt” at any time.

Can I get a refund on my purchase?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process full or partial refunds on any Apple Books purchases. This is because Apple controls sales according to their own policies region by region. Therefore, if you would like to request a refund, you will need to check Apple’s policy on digital product refunds in your region and contact Apple directly. Thank you for your understanding.

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