Failsafe Audyssey Settings

What if you wanted to set up Audyssey for all sources the same way – or your receiver is an older model and doesn’t support per input Audyssey settings?

Well, Audyssey’s default settings aren’t exactly great for all program material. So if you find yourself in this situation and you are done with fiddling, I would recommend you set up Audyssey with the following settings.

The Basics

I recommend you follow the guidance in Configuring Audyssey – The Right Way to get a good baseline the you use the Audyssey settings below.

Audyssey Settings

  • Curve: Audyssey Flat Curve (or Reference Curve if you have customised it with the Audyssey App)
  • Audyssey Dynamic EQ: On
  • Reference Level Offset: -10
  • Dynamic Volume: Day / Light mode

The above settings will work well for all sources and material and provide a good compromise between the different offsets and dynamic volume levels.

However, if you have the time, I would recommend you learn to use Audyssey offsets properly per content type or per source.

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