Building DIY Room Treatment Simply!

Why this Guide?

Room treatment is a critical part of building a home cinema but is often overlooked. It is even more difficult to convince people when specialised panels sell for crazy money – while not everyone is great at DIY or even know how to get started.

I wanted to take the guesswork out of building DIY room treatment and hopefully make the process accessible to more people with this guide.



Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

After payment, the PayPal confirmation page will have a button “RETURN TO WEBSITE”, which you will need to press to return and download the manual. If the manual opens in your web browser then please save it from the file menu.

Thank you for your purchase. Please find other products here if you are interested.

What’s in the Guide?

  • How to build Wall and Ceiling panels for your home cinema cheaply
  • How to save $1000s by building room treatment panels yourself instead of getting them from a shop
  • How to customise the panels to your home decor and get that “wife-friendly” look
  • How to hang the panels in a way that will not destroy your walls or ceiling
  • 12 pages and 17 full colour images
  • I will show you what I have done in my own home cinema for reference

How To Get Support With Your Purchase?

Please use the contact form on my About page. I will be in touch within 24hrs for payment related issues and 48hrs for anything else.

Please note that due to high demand, I am only able to provide support for the manual over email and strictly related to the content within the manual. I can try and point you in the right direction if your question relates to anything else, but I may not be able to provide prompt replies.

If you need support beyond the manual or help related to your own specific setup, please kindly consider engaging my consultancy services which you can read about here. These have been priced to allow access for most people. However, places are limited so be sure to book in advance.

Thank you! Roland

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