The Room Treatment Guide – Change Log

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Current Release


  • Minor fixes to heading colours
  • Minor fixes to bass trap section


  • A complete reworking of the guide with 16 additional pages
  • New Chapters:
    • 1. Introduction to Sound Theory
    • 2. Room Interactions
    • 3. Introduction to Treatment Theory
    • 4. Placing Room Treatment
    • 5. Buying Off The Shelf Room Treatment
  • Chapter inherited from v1.0:
    • Building DIY Room Treatment
  • Brand new graphics style for diagrams and other graphics
  • Table of Contents available in PDF using the new graphics style
  • PDF page navigation available from Table of Contents and a return link at the beginning of each chapter.

Previous Releases

v1.0 – Called Building DIY Room Treatment Simply!

  • Initial release – content only included Building DIY Room Treatment panels for walls and ceilings

Requested and Planned Changes

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Some of the changes may be delivered as articles initially and only integrated into Secrets of Audyssey later on. Articles linked where applicable.


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