About Simple Home Cinema

There are so many sites and blogs on the Internet that are for technology nerds. I’m one of those nerds. Some guys love their cars, motorbikes or football: I love my home cinema. In fact I drive older second-hand cars so I can save and spend money on my entertainment. That and because I’m not actually that good a driver so I don’t feel sad when I accidentally back into a column and trash my car (this has actually happened!). Let’s just say I am a lot more delicate with my electronics.

I have built and configured numerous home cinema systems and love to “nerd out” on the technology. However, I have found most people just want to get simple advice about how to make the right decisions in their purchase, set it all up to look & sound great and then forget about it. Unfortunately, the confusing specifications, manufacturer-specific lingo and a huge range of choices don’t help matters.

This is why this blog has been started: to help the simple man – or woman – buy and set up their home cinema gear quickly and easily. I do tend to cover some complex topics but I try and explain them simply!

Read and comment away and enjoy your stay. Welcome to Simple Home Cinema!

About the Author

Roland has been a technology enthusiast since he was a young man in Hungary and got into home and digital cinema at the age of 21 while studying Information Technology in London. During the last 20 years he has learnt the ins and outs of audio-visual science. He has since moved to Australia and has built and set up many different home cinemas over this time. At the moment, he has 130″ cinemascope 4K projection with 11.2 surround sound. His passion is for everyone to have the best picture and sound their money can buy.

Should you have any questions, please contact Roland using the below Contact Form:

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