Getting Started with Manual Calibration and REW

In Getting Started with Manual Calibration and REW, I will show you

(see Table of Contents)


  • Basics of calibrating so you can transfer your knowledge to any other software package in the future
  • The basics of Equalisation and EQ types: e.g. graphic, parametric, IIR, FIR, etc including detailed explanation of Parametric Equalisers (PEQ)
  • Explanation of room interactions and receiver setup including how to set up your receiver to be ready to calibrate
  • How to use the REW manual to install and configure REW
  • How to read the main chart types in REW
  • How to measure both subwoofers and main speakers and how to design PEQ filters for your receiver or external EQ box:
    • Examples for subwoofer and main speaker calibrations
    • Did you know that you can destroy imaging by using high Q PEQ filters above a certain frequency even though you get a flat response on the charts?
  • 43 pages of detailed explanations

Please note that working with REW requires a microphone – preferably a calibrated one such as the UMIK-1. While other microphones will work while you learn the tool, a professional microphone is needed to get the best results. However, if you are serious about home cinema, it is a worthwhile investment.

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