YPAO – The Lost Manual Change Log

Current Releases

v2.2 – Released on Site & on Apple Books

  • Brings it in line with Secrets of Audyssey v2.2
  • Chapter 6 – Troubleshooting YPAO has been added – attention on DIY Sub Calibration Procedure using your iPhone and free apps / YouTube video
  • A Note on Bass Traps section has been updated
  • Section 1.3. Alternate Subwoofer Positioning Methods section has been added
  • Multi Sub Optimiser section has been added under Chapter 4.1
  • Designing Your Own Mic Pattern and Multi-Row Seating recommendations added under Chapter 4.2 Positions
  • Appendix C. Integrating Dirac with YPAO has been added to provide high-level guidance
  • SHC Logo added on front page

Requested and Planned Changes

Please note: updates are provided as a complementary service. The below changes are not guaranteed and release timings are subject to change. Therefore, it is advised you do not base your purchasing decision on the below list.

Some of the changes may be delivered as articles initially and only integrated into Secrets of Audyssey later on. Articles linked where applicable.

1Table of ContentsWhile the Apple Books version has meta-tags for table of contents, the PDF version will need a separate page. For now, please use this page.HighApr 2022
2Head Diagrams ChangesThe current tight and medium pattern head diagrams aren’t easy to follow for everyone so they will be updated with better graphics.HighApr 2022
3Disney+Integrate Disney+ settings from website – this article deals with the subject. Will consider for inclusion in the guide – with consideration that I don’t want to call Disney out in an official publication so might need further thought.LowTBA
4Manual EQMore information on how to use manual EQ within the receiver.
For now the following articles and e-books deal with the subject:
Article 1
Article 2
May consider including more detail in The Lost Manual.
5Sub SetupMore detail was requested to be included.
V2.2 of the guide provides more detail (Multi-Sub optimisation)
Will continue reviewing for each release.
MediumApr 2022
6Sub-less SetupsThere is no detail in the guide on setups without subwoofers. I will include more detail in the next release.HighApr 2022
7Hard to understandThe guide assumes a certain level of technical ability. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get around that. Based on survey data, 98% of people found the guide easy to follow. However, there’s still 2% that will need some extra help.
I will consider including a “How to Use This Guide” similar to what is in Secrets of Audyssey. I hope that will make it a bit easier to follow.
HighApr 2022
8Release in other languagesGerman seems to be the most pressing. I have access to an excellent German translator, however, certain sales targets need to be met in that region for me to be able to engage him and make it worth his while. Additionally, the guide text needs to stabilise (no large changes). I don’t see these two things happening until sometime next year.LowTBC

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