Yamaha Disables YPAO Multi-Point Measurement when Wireless Speakers are Connected

One of my customers emailed me last week to say that YPAO multi-point measurement was greyed out (disabled) on his AVR. This sounded very strange and since we couldn’t figure out what was going on, he contacted Yamaha.

Yamaha confirmed that they disable multi-point measurement on the latest AVRs when a wireless speaker is connected for surround duties such as the MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50.

This is a bit disappointing as it sounds like Yamaha is repurposing DSP power or memory to run these wireless speakers and can’t enable multi-position measurement due to DSP constraints. I hope this can be fixed for the next round of AVRs – or put into the manual more clearly.

I will fold this information into YPAO – The Lost Manual in the March ’22 release but wanted to get this out sooner. Grateful for the customer who brought this to our attention so this information can benefit all.

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  1. Thanks Roland for your work with Yamaha and YPAO. Could you expand and delve into MusicCast as well ? In particular, how each streaming service integrates into MC and the resulting sound quality impacts (eg for linked rooms on MC, secondary rooms are CD, at best, even tho primary room is playing higher quality). Spot connect, Tidal connect, etc, etc

    1. No worries, Daddyora.
      I’ll be 100% honest with you. We are not big on musiccast here and there’s an aggressive schedule this year while also battling health issues which can make writing challenging at times. But I’ll look into it if it can be slotted in somewhere. No promises though!

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