Secrets of Audyssey Change Log

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Current Release


Minor bug fix of table of contents

v4.0 – New Major Release – Out Now (including Apple Books Release)

  • New overview section with a much better discussion around the different elements that go into achieving Reference Playback using Audyssey and any Audyssey-level compensations we can apply if we cannot meet all the requirements
  • New section: Volume and Amplification including:
    • Impact of using Denon’s and Marantz’s internal power modules and their voicing
    • Impact of driving difficult to drive speakers to higher volumes on distortion, frequency response and Audyssey
  • Dynamic EQ section re-worked to align with new content
    • You can use an RLO of 0 for movies if your setup allows for this!
  • Dynamic Volume expanded:
    • Now it is in its own section after Dynamic EQ
    • Additional information on its impact on Dynamic EQ
  • New section on creating Day and Night modes which combine Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume usage
  • New Loudness and Content Mastering Section
    • Some re-working of the previous Loudness Compensation section
    • New overview on Content Mastering
  • More content under subwoofers:
    • Adjusting MSO section
    • New section on subwoofer performance
  • Audyssey and the speed of sound:
    • Audyssey in receivers and the Mobile App is using the incorrect speed for sound. While this was corrected in MultEQ-X, it hasn’t been within the receivers and mobile app, and may not be correctable there. (Please note that new 2023 AVRs and processors seem to include the fix.)
    • I talk about who is impacted the most and why some users will not really notice much of a change – if any, even if they adjust this manually.
  • Dialog Normalisation section added
  • Dynamic Range Compression section added
  • Deprecated section on using Dynamic EQ in place of room treatment now removed in v4.0
  • The usual nips and tucks
  • Thank you for your continued support and continued business which enables the purchase of the tools and equipment to do further research, maintenance and updates to the guides on this site.

Previous Releases


  • Fixes to spelling and grammar – thank you to those customers who report these issues – please keep reporting them.
  • Please note that no release notification has been sent out for this release. You can grab it through your previous download link.


  • Small amendment to calibration flow
  • A brand new flowchart to explain the calibration steps in a visual manner.
  • Audyssey Curve Editor out of beta – no changes from beta version


  • Table of contents now available in all versions
  • New look & feel including colour scheme and diagram style
  • Lots of new diagrams
  • Updated microphone positioning diagrams including:
    • Colour coding
    • 3D views
    • 3D views available as YouTube videos linked from relevant sections
    • New Microphone pattern: Pattern 4 – Restricted
  • New Section: Setup without subs
  • New Section: Blanker or No Blanker under Running Audyssey chapter
  • New Sections: Audyssey Dynamic EQ & Dynamic Volume high-level setup
    • Slightly reworked recommendations based on new research and measurements: of note the recommendation to lower sound input level for your Blu Ray player when playing bitstreamed Dolby / DTS soundtracks (movies only).
    • New Section: Audyssey Setup per Content and per Input
  • Updated Section: Surround Volume Level
  • New Chapter: Using MultEQ-X to Improve Performance
  • New Chapter: Loudness Compensation and Dynamic EQ (reworked from Dirac Live Guide for Audyssey).
  • Running Audyssey chapter divided into new subsections and reorganised
  • New Section: About the Author
  • Voucher section updated based on billing system changes ($5 off first session).
  • Links updated for The Room Treatment Guide (previously Building DIY Room Treatment Simply!)
  • Smaller issue fixes

v2.2 – Released on Site & on Apple Books

  • Introduction section has been refined
  • A Note on Bass Traps section has been updated
  • Section 1.3. Alternate Subwoofer Positioning Methods section has been added
  • Multi Sub Optimiser section has been added under Chapter 4.1 Preparation
  • The 6m Limit section has been added under Chapter 4.1 Preparation to call attention to 6m distance limit between speakers on Denon and Marantz receivers, how to check if you hit the limit and what to do about it.
  • Audyssey Features section has been updated with Mobile App and MultEQ-X. Additional information has been added for Dynamic EQ regarding its surround envelopment feature.
  • Designing Your Own Mic Pattern and Multi-Row Seating recommendations added under Chapter 4.2 Positions
  • Appendix C. Integrating Dirac with Audyssey has been added to provide high-level guidance
  • Audyssey Settings Per Input added at the end of Chapter 5.1 Receiver Settings
  • Warning added under Audyssey Curve Editor Tool to ensure you only edit unedited files otherwise your changes will fail!
  • Smaller grammatical issues corrected – more could be lurking – please report


  • A more in-depth procedure has been provided for sub level adjustment in chapter 6.2
  • The Audyssey Curve Editor Excel Tool (Microsoft Excel) is now available which allows you to edit the raw ADY files that the Audyssey app saves. This is still in beta – please report any issues.
  • Appendix B. has been added as the user guide for the new Audyssey Curve Editor Excel Tool.
  • SHC Logo added on front page


  • Two new microphone positioning patterns (especially useful if there is still harshness to the sound or the tight patterns simply don’t work for your setup)
  • Slightly amended recommendation regarding midrange compensation
  • Chapter 6 – Troubleshooting Audyssey has been added. I would like to draw your attention to Chapter 6.3 Resolving Harshness especially, which provides detailed guidance and steps to resolving the issue step by step.
  • general music listening mode has been added which should work well for most music
  • Other minor changes / nips and tucks

Requested and Planned Changes

Please note: updates are provided as a complementary service. The below changes are not guaranteed and release timings are subject to change. Therefore, it is advised you do not base your purchasing decision on the below list.

Some of the changes may be delivered as articles initially and only integrated into Secrets of Audyssey later on. Articles linked where applicable.

1v4.2Expanded section and mic patterns for MultEQ-XMediumSept 2023This may become a subsection or if it’s a lot of work may become a separate low-cost guide around $2.99.
2v5.0Print Release ready for translation into other languages.LowSometime in 2024
3v4.2Expand RLO guidance for per source content especially for streaming boxes that are used purely for movies or TV showsMediumSept 2023

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