Audyssey Curve Editor Excel Tool

Please note that the tool is currently in BETA and will stay in BETA until March 2022.


The Simple Home Cinema Audyssey Curve Editor Excel Tool (ACET) is provided as complimentary with Secrets of Audyssey as a way to precision-edit the curve within the Audyssey Mobile App by editing the ADY file it produces directly.

This is useful for the following reasons:

  1. You can edit all channels together
  2. The edit is exactly the same for each channel without any variation (which is almost impossible to achieve with the mobile app by itself)
  3. You can precision-edit the curve so that it is exactly what you want


The tool provides the following features:

Custom Curves for Troubleshooting

Ability to select from 6 pre-defined curves that can be used for troubleshooting. This allows you to apply de-emphasis to the higher midrange for example to reduce ear fatigue or harshness.

Precision Apply Midrange Compensation

The tool allows you to define the shape and place midrange compensation to the exact crossover point(s) for your speakers. This is helpful if the default 2Khz point is not where your speaker drivers are crossed over.

See Your Changes on a Chart

You can see the changes on a chart as you go along.

Add Custom Curves or Create Your Own

There are three additional custom curves provided for your convenience. However, Secrets of Audyssey does not provide support for custom curves and you would need to use them at your own risk. This is because they break Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume. If you read this blog, you know that I am a big supporter of Loudness Compensation, which custom curves break.

Nevertheless, they are provided for completeness and can be useful when troubleshooting.

How to Get & Support

The tool is only available and is complementary with Secrets of Audyssey. The user guide is included in Appendix B of the manual. I provide support for the tool for owners of the manual.


Shout out to DeLub and Ratbuddy on AVS for enabling editing of ADY files and for mapping the Audyssey and custom more popular curves.

While their data was adopted, please note that the tool includes updated data that is more precise especially in the high-end to avoid “ripples” in the frequency response. It also includes curves that are unique to the guide and its troubleshooting steps.

Please see the link to the latest version of RatBuddyAudyssey here. There is no support for this tool however.

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