Audyssey MultEQ-X – Upcoming Features Beyond v1.5

Audyssey is already working on features for MultEQ-X beyond the v1.5 features. Since these aren’t necessarily published, I wanted to go over some of them here.

Target Curves

At the moment, it isn’t possible to create and export / import target curves. While you can create one using REW then import the PEQ filters, it isn’t exactly transportable between calibration runs or setups, so Audyssey is working on a way to allow target curve import and export in MultEQ-X.

Crossover Optimisation

Audyssey is working on a new screen that will allow the user to dial-in their crossover settings in a more ideal way. While the new screen will suggest the ideal crossover to pick, it will also show you what happens to the room response as you change crossover settings. This is definitely an excellent feature as manually dialling this in can take time – so most people don’t bother.

My only concern here is that you need to be careful setting crossovers below the speaker’s capabilities, as you can damage speakers at higher volumes by feeding them too much low-frequency energy. But again, MultEQ-X is a power-user-oriented tool and you do need to educate yourself before using it.

Support of Additional Mics

This may or may not happen and might be a longer-term feature, but Audyssey is looking at whether they can support external calibrated mics such as the UMIK-1 and the UMIK-2. Ultimately, this is a bit more difficult as it would require larger firmware changes. However, being able to move the microphone to the laptop would help those users that don’t have their AVRs or processors in the same room.

But as we have seen with Dirac Live, once you do that, you need to deal with the complexity of balancing noise floor, calibration signal strength and mic input sensitivity, which is not exactly straight-toward. Again, a simplified way of doing this would be nice. But that might only be achievable by plugging the USB mic into the AVR / Processor and only supporting select ones.

For the time being, you can get the Pro Installer kit directly from Audyssey, which is what’s used by IMAX calibrators to calibrate a large auditorium. It is a little pricey but it might be your only option if the Audyssey microphone doesn’t reach your seats even with the allowed extension.

Test Tones

While this is not strictly a MultEQ-X feature, Audyssey has requested Denon and Marantz to work out a way to feed the speaker test tones through the equaliser stage. At the moment, as our regular readers know, the AVR test-tones are NOT fed through Audyssey, so the levels can be wrong when setting speaker levels with them.

This is why we have been recommending the use of external test-tones. However, this is not exactly practical – or cheap. Therefore, if Denon and Marantz could sort this out finally, it would be a very welcome change.

However, this does require more extensive firmware changes from what we understand, so might not come quickly or even for these current-gen AVRs. We can hope nevertheless.

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