Plug Dirac Live USB Mic Directly into Denon or Marantz AVR (Updated)

Dirac Live will allow you to plug the UMIK-1 USB calibration microphone directly into the AVR, if you so wish, as opposed to the laptop or PC that Dirac Live is running on.

As far as I understand, this is a first for Dirac Live!

UPDATE 9 Jun 2023: Even though the manual does not mention this, it does work. I have tested it with my Marantz Cinema 50, and the UMIK-1 will show up like below on the Marantz. This is pretty incredible if you ask me. No other manufacturer does this.

Original Graphic provided by Masimo / Sound United:

Use Loudness Compensation with Dirac Live / Emulate Audyssey

You can emulate Audyssey’s Dynamic EQ with Loudness Compensation Curves included with Dirac Live Perfection. The below articles discuss this topic in more detail:

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