Dirac Live Sale (Extended to 4 Dec)

We are a little late with this, but if you go to Dirac’s Facebook page, you’ll see that they have had Black Friday sales which have now been extended to 4th Dec 2022.

One of our readers brought this to our attention – thank you!

The sale allows you to get 30% OFF any of Dirac’s room correction products with the code BLACK2022.

The only issue is that a lot of people might want to buy licenses for the upcoming Denon and Marantz receivers. However, I don’t think Dirac allows you to buy a license that’s not assigned to a product. Audyssey implemented this feature before their Black Friday sale which was genius in my opinion as it allowed people to stock up on licenses for the next year based on their intended upgrades.

But if you have hardware in hand, you are ready to go!

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