Bright HDR Settings for JVC X5500 / 7500 / 9500 / 5900 / 7900 / 9900

These models are also called: RS420 / RS520 / RS620 / RS440 / RS540 / RS640 / x550 / x750 / x950 / x590 / x790 / x990.

Since a few people have asked me recently, I thoughts I’d share some quick to use HDR gamma settings for these last-gen JVC projectors – better late than never I guess. You can use these with pretty much all HDR material without having to fiddle with them. They are trying to strike the balance between brightness, shadow detail and not blowing out highlights too much.

While you could load custom gamma curves, it really isn’t that necessary with these JVCs, especially if you don’t want to mess around with the JVC software on your PC.

Of course it does help if you have done an auto-calibration on your JVC – preferably in a completely dark room having minimised all reflections off walls and furniture. (Make sure you dump the factory settings first as auto-cal goes wrong like 30% of the times.)

For HDR picture mode, select the HDR(ST.2084) gamma setting and configure the sliders as follows:

  • Picture tone: 4
  • Dark Level: 5
  • Bright level: 0

Here is a picture if you’re more visual.

No-fiddle HDR Gamma Settings

In case you’re wondering, the rest of the HDR settings can be left at default including:

  • High lamp
  • HDR colour profile (this is the brighter one of the two – unless you prefer a larger gamut at the expense of colour volume in which case select BT2020)
  • HDR colour temp

Everything else to taste, but I prefer:

  • CMD: low
  • Motion enhance: low
  • MPC enhance: 3 (other MPC settings on 0)
  • Clear black: low
  • Lens Aperture: max with Auto 2 dynamic iris settings

Display Calibration Guides

Want to calibrate your own TV or projector? Check out the Display Calibration Guide – Volume 1 and Volume 2.

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