Display Calibration Guide -Volume 2 HDR – Change Log

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Current Release

V2.1 – 28 Apr 2023

  • Correcting grammatical errors
  • Smaller nips and tucks
  • Expanding on CCSS and Matrix Corrections sections
  • Preparing package for Apple Books Release – ETA 1 May

v2.0 – 7 Aug 2022

  • Version number now in line with Volume 1
  • Removed chapters 1 and 2 to remove as much repetition as possible as the two volumes are now part of the same product.
  • Complete rework of the flow of the guide to bring together greyscale, EOTF and CMS sections into a chapter each.
  • Tool-agnostic procedures are now in the appendices
  • HCFR learning module has been brought forward
  • Duplication removed where appropriate between tool-agnostic and HCFR-focused chapters
  • Brand new flowcharts for all sections where called for
  • The guide should be easier to follow for learning, but does require the use of HCFR
  • Lots of other nips and tucks

Previous Releases

v0.9.2 – 4 Jul 2022

  • Includes decision trees for which procedures to choose for greyscale, gamma and CMS calibration.
  • Minor edit – said HDR Gamma instead of HDR EOTF on one of the procedures.

v0.9.1 – 30 Jun 2022

  • Section about Matrix Corrections and Spectral Samples updated.

v0.9 – 29 Jun 2022

  • Initial Beta Release

Requested and Planned Changes

Please note: updates are provided as a complementary service. The below changes are not guaranteed and release timings are subject to change. Therefore, it is advised you do not base your purchasing decision on the below list.

Some of the changes may be delivered as articles initially and only integrated into Dirac Live Perfection later on. Articles linked where applicable.

1Colour TheoryThis was cut from the current releases but will get included in a future release. Not a critical area for now.TBCTBC
2ExamplesI will be providing articles on SimpleHomeCinema with example calibrations – including mistakes so people can learn. These should get included in a future release either as links or summaries.TBCTBC
Decision TreesInclude decision trees for greyscale, gamma and CMS calibration dependent on display controls.HighCOMPLETE
4SDR / HDR Decision treesHDR calibration needs further decisions trees based on how tone-mapping occurs within the display. It is sometimes helpful to do an SDR base calibration and then base the HDR calibration on that. Sometimes this is the only option for some displays. Auto-calibration may also play a role.HighJul ’22
5Volume 2 slimmed downVolume 2 might have volume 1 material removed now that they are in the same product. MediumOct ’22
6Colorimeter ProfilingAn advanced section on profiling to spectrometers, screens, pattern playback devices, etc.LowJan ’23
7SpectrometersAn advanced section on how to validate spectrometers, how to use them, how to create CCSS / EDR files, etc.LowJan ’23

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