Dirac Live Perfection Change Log

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Current Release

v1.2 – Out Now

  • Fixes to spelling and grammar – thank you to those customers who reports these issues. Please keep reporting them.
  • Please note that no release notification has been sent out for this release. You can grab it through your previous download link.


  • Small amendment to calibration flow
  • A brand new flowchart to explain the calibration steps in a visual manner – flowchart look & feel updated to be in line with rest of the guides


  • Guide brought in line with Secrets of Audyssey v3 content
  • Table of contents in PDF
  • New look & feel including colour scheme and diagram style
  • Lots of new diagrams
  • Updated microphone positioning diagrams including:
    • 9-position mic patterns compatible with Dirac Live 9-position measurements
    • Colour coding
    • 3D views
    • 3D views available as YouTube videos linked from relevant sections
  • New Section: Setup without subs
  • Updated Chapter: Loudness Compensation / The Problem with House Curves
    • Updated Curve Editor Excel Tool – YPAO Volume emulation data updated
    • Update Loudness Memories Excel Tool – Added ability to calculate average surround level increase
  • Running Dirac Live chapter divided into new subsections and reorganised
    • New Process Overview section with process steps
  • New Section: About the Author
  • Voucher section updated based on billing system changes ($5 off first session).
  • Links updated for The Room Treatment Guide (previously Building DIY Room Treatment Simply!)
  • Smaller nips and tucks

Previous Releases


  • First release based Secrets of Audyssey v2.2 and latest loudness compensation research.

Requested and Planned Changes

Please note: updates are provided as a complementary service. The below changes are not guaranteed and release timings are subject to change. Therefore, it is advised you do not base your purchasing decision on the below list.

Some of the changes may be delivered as articles initially and only integrated into Dirac Live Perfection later on. Articles linked where applicable.

1Version parityBring Dirac Live Perfection in line with Secrets of AudysseyHighSept 2023TBC
2Target Curve UpdatesA more detailed explanation of how to create custom target curve filesHighSept 2023
3Legacy ModeDirac Live 3 relegated the target curve system to a legacy mode. Need to switch the tool back manually, which needs to be included in the guide.HighSept 2023
4Denon / MarantzGuidance included here to be folded into the guide in a more generic fashion.MediumTBA

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