JVC Reduces Prices on NP5/RS1100, NZ7/RS2100

Update Nov 17, 2023

JVC Holiday Sales are Live! Updated prices of all JVC projectors for this Holiday Season.

DLA Series:

LX Series

The price reductions are now in effect and can be accessed through authorized JVC dealers or through our Amazon links above.

September 20, 2023

JVC has announced at CEDIA 2023 price reductions for four of its DLA home theater projectors: the NP5, RS1100, NZ7, and RS2100. The current new prices are as follows:

* As of writing this article there is an extra promotion through October of $500 on the NP5 and RS1100 dropping the price to $5500!

Note: The NP5 and RS1100 projectors share identical functionality, differing only in the color of their front rings; silver for the NP5 and NZ7, and gold for the RS1100 and RS2100. The RS series is exclusively available through physical dealers.

The price reductions are now in effect and can be accessed through authorized JVC dealers. However, the duration of these lowered prices remains uncertain. So, if you’ve been considering buying one of these projectors, this could be the perfect moment to snag one of them for their lowest price yet!

How Long Will it Last?

Its not totally clear how long the reduced pricing will last. There are mentions by JVC reps that the extra $500 promotion on the NP5/RS1100 is good through October but on unclear on the reduced pricing on the NZ7/RS2100.

Fingers crossed that this price reduction becomes permanent, as it would certainly make these projectors even more appealing to people looking to get in JVC’s projectors.

What Should You Do If You Interested in Buying One of These Projectors?

If you’re interested in buying one of the JVC projectors that are on sale, I recommend that you either check out our Amazon links below or check current price from an authorized JVC dealer.

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