JVC Introduces 2.10 Firmware Update for NZ and NP Projector Models

JVC has just introduced firmware v2.10, available for download from here.

When the previous firmware, v2.00 was introduced, users were complaining of HDMI handshake issues with some fiber optic cables that were working perfectly fine before the firmware update.

This firmware aims to improve connectivity with fiber-optic cables so it is possible that JVC has found a way to restore connectivity for some of the older cables or make connectivity more stable.

It’s also possible this firmware is aimed at improving stability with some more recent 4K / 8K cables. Unfortunately, JVC doesn’t say more.

Your Autocal and manual calibration data will not be affected due to the upgrade process, and neither will your settings.

However, my personal opinion is that you should only install this firmware if you have HDMI handshake issues or you plan on changing cables around. There is a risk of bricking your projector using a firmware update, however small.

You can also possibly introduce other unintended issues, including HDMI stability issues, since the code has changed and it’s doubtful JVC can test all permutations. So let users who are having actual issues test this firmware first, then decide on a possible upgrade once users report their findings on the Forums.

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2 thoughts on “JVC Introduces 2.10 Firmware Update for NZ and NP Projector Models

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  1. Hello Roland, I recall that you got your hands on an NZ8 and is working on a review like the one you did on NP5? Although I settled on an NP5, Im a bit curious about your thoughts on the NZ8 which I had as a contender. The big price difference helped me choose though, its massive.

    (Really like what you are doing and the effort you put in your work)

    1. Hi Marcus,
      Yes, I did start on it but took a back seat due to other work.
      I don’t have time for a massive review but might publish a smaller one.
      It’s a very good unit. The first projector that’s almost completely hands off. EShift X is a noticeable uplift in sharpness and makes you feel safe that the unit will look even better with 8K content.
      It’s definitely a noticeable jump from the NP5. Is it worth the price difference? Well, only if you have the money. I have a dedicated HT business credit card and I’m still paying it off myself… but no regrets.
      And appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much. 🙂 watch this space, more to come on the blog as we try to ramp things up over next year.

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