Microphone Positioning Adapter (For Audyssey & YPAO)

Designed and created by our mechanical engineer friend, Corneliu Avasilichioaiei, who loved the Secrets of Audyssey mic patterns but wanted to execute them with precision. We have found his work so useful that we decided to publish it on Simple Home Cinema, so other users can also benefit.

Why The Mic Positioning Adapter?

The Mic Positioning Adapter was created for Secrets of Audyssey and YPAO – The Lost Manual to enable you to execute the Tight and Medium Mic Patterns precisely and in a repeatable fashion.

The Mic Positioning Adapter enables you to…

  • Achieve precise microphone placement every time with the Tight and Medium microphone patterns!
  • Achieve consistent results on multiple runs for repeatable results. This is useful if you are comparing speaker, AVR, cable or any other changes within your system and you wanted to have repeatable results between changes and runs.
  • Achieve peace of mind that you are executing the mic patterns as prescribed.
  • Easy to use height and distance adjustment with markers on the side and top of the panels.


  • To use the Mic Positioning Adapter, you will need a microphone boom stand that has around 15mm circumference for the rod area where the adapter will be attached to. Please see the image below for an illustration.
  • If you buy the digital plans, you will need access to a CNC machine or a CNC shop that can process 300 x 400 mm MDF, acrylic or metal sheets with 6mm thickness. Additionally, you will need to source the required bolts for assembly. These are easily available at your local hardware store.
  • Physical delivery is currently only available in Europe, USA and Canada. We are planning to make this available for other regions beyond the initial launch. Please contact us if you must have this urgently (because you’re a reviewer, etc.) and see what we can work out.

User Guide

The user guide can be downloaded from below.


OPTION 1. Physical Product

Europe: EUR 45 + EUR 10 Shipping

USA / Canada: USD 50 + USD 35 Shipping

Other Regions: Please ask for a shipping quote.

OPTION 2. Digital CNC Plans

Allows customers with access to a CNC machine or a CNC shop to fabricate the product themselves.

Please note: reselling of the product is strictly prohibited and protected by copyright laws.

All Regions: USD 19.99

Order Form

Currently, ordering is done using the below order form. We may ask you a few questions about your setup and send you payment and shipping information.

Additional Pictures

How To Get Support With Your Purchase?

Please note: due to support being handled together from Oceania and Europe, response times differ than for other products.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch. Our response times are as below:

  • Payment and delivery-related issues: 48hrs within business hours (Mon – Fri 9am to 6pm – European Central Time Zone), 36hrs outside of business hours
  • Product questions: 48hrs within business hours (Mon – Fri 9am to 6pm – AEST Time Zone), 36hrs outside of business hours

Thank you for your business!

Support Contact Form

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