My Lumagen DTM Settings

I have previously given my impression of the different DTM methods I have had the pleasure of viewing, including the Lumagen. I wanted to include my Lumagen settings at the time but the system wasn’t at hand. Here they are finally.

Lumagen DTM Settings

The first settings are entered in user mode by entering the DTM menu while HDR content is playing by pressing left on the directional pad.

You will then need to switch the Lumagen into service mode temporarily, found under the Menu mode setting, and enter the following settings for Low ScreenMax, which is accessed by using the DTM menu in Service Mode:

And High ScreenMax, which is accessed by pressing ALT on the previous menu screen:

While DPad is normally at 3, I prefer a brighter picture with some momentary clipping rather than dedicating so much of the dynamic range for avoiding such occurrences.

These settings are a matter of preference. Ultimately, these settings maximised the dynamic range of my X7000 projector quite nicely and much prefer them to the defaults.

Other Settings

In terms of the recommended settings in the projector:

  • You must have the projector in SDR 2.4 gamma and send SDR BT2020 to the projector from the Lumagen
  • I disabled Clear Black and any other enhancement in the projector
  • Enabled Darbee (at 20) and Sharpening (at 3 with High Sensitivity to on) in the Lumagen. These settings are accessed using the right arrow menu.

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