Online Manuals – Available Now

Please see a list of currently available digital products and services on Simple Home Cinema for easy reference.

Product / Service
Product Page Link
Direct Purchase Link
YPAO – The Lost ManualUSD 9.99
Secrets of AudysseyUSD 9.98
Building DIY Room Treatment – Simply!USD 2.99
Manual calibration with REWUSD 5.99
Home Cinema Coaching and Consultancy SessionsUSD 40 -30mins

USD 75 -60mins
More to come. Please check back soon.
Please follow the links to read more about each product and make your purchase.

6 thoughts on “Online Manuals – Available Now

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  1. I just bought your audissey guide as i was referred by a friend and i found it as a very well written guide and will help me a lot to improve my room. After i re measured the equalization using the tight pattern i notice that the readout curve is worse than the normal audissey pattern. I get deeper null and dup which audissey seems cant flatten. Is this to be expected as the measurement is more accurate ?


    1. Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for the kind words!

      That null was there to begin with (as it depends on room location) but you weren’t aware of it as you were not measuring it so precisely or at that exact location before.

      Audyssey will not be correct nulls because you can’t! However, they are not usually audible. The question is how it sounds to your ears?

      If it doesn’t sound right, it is worth re-measuring with the medium pattern and see how that sounds. I do encourage re-measurement even with the same pattern if need be – you may need to move the microphone positions ever so slightly! Also make extra sure they are starting at ear height of course.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about a null however unless you can detect it be ear. In which case, you may need to
      1. Move your listening position
      2. Move your sub(s)
      3. Put bass treatment into the room

      I hope this helps. 🙂


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