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Already Have a Home Cinema?

Choose Coaching!

Maybe you have built a home cinema yourself already but you’re stuck with a particular issue? I am here to help – time and availability permitting. Issues such as:

  1. Reviewing your setup and suggest areas for improvement
  2. Helping you pinpoint particular issues with your sound or picture
  3. Coach you in using REW, HCFR or related tools to do manual calibration for sound or picture


  1. Speaker positioning, installation and connections
  2. Listening position setup
  3. Furnishings and room treatment
  4. Receiver and source equipment connections and setup
  5. Auto-setup routine review
  6. Manual configuration (before and after auto-setup routine)


  1. Viewing and display positions and installation (or projector and screen installation and setup)
  2. Basic display setup
  3. Advanced display setup: greyscale, gamma, Colour Management System (CMS)
  4. Source equipment setup
  5. Connections
  6. Media types

Planning on Building a Home Cinema?

Choose Independent Consulting!

Most of the companies you will engage with will be in the business of selling equipment – even if they build home cinemas / audio-visual setups. What this means is that they are not necessarily independent. They will have relationships with the equipment manufacturers and may well be preferring to use one equipment or setup over the other.

When I was helping clients build their own set-ups, I also had those relationships and favoured using equipment that was easier to source and make a profit on. There is nothing wrong with this. However, for you as a client – before you hand over your hard-earned cash to someone who will build / calibrate / change your home cinema, it may be worth engaging an independent consultant who can help you with the following:

  1. Look over your plans or ideas to see if they are ideally and reasonably designed / thought out
  2. Give you advice on equipment and setup without having any strings attached
  3. Develop some options with you that suits your budget
  4. Give you advice on what is a reasonable price and how to negotiate where necessary
  5. Give you advice on how to source equipment yourself where it’s available and fits your budget – even on how to do this second-hand
  6. Discuss your skills and sense of adventure to see what you could do yourself and what you absolutely need labourers for.
  7. Inquire whether you need a specialised company or you are able to project manage the build / change yourself
  8. Coach you on using audio / visual setup or calibration software / equipment etc to help you develop your skills and do things independently from consultants like myself.

I have no relationship with the manufacturers – not even Yamaha anymore – and will give you fully independent advice. Even though I have done a lot of research on Yamaha over the years, as I felt there was a large gap there, and I still use a Yamaha receiver in my studio, my main home cinema have had many different equipment and consider myself an expert on Denon, Marantz and their related technologies as well – such as Audyssey.

Prices & How to Book

Use this page to see prices and book

What You Will Need to Prepare

  1. Please kindly send me why you need my help? For example:
    1. Help verify your new build
    2. Give you advice on equipment sourcing
    3. Help you resolve issues with sound or visuals
    4. Advice on equipment setup
    5. Coaching on using software or equipment to do audio / visual setup or calibration
    6. Something else
    7. All of the above
  2. If you have floor plans or pictures available, please send those through
  3. Who have you engaged already to help you – if relevant (optional)
  4. What you have already tried to resolve the issue – if relevant (optional)

Focusing on Results

Please note that I will only take bookings where I think I will be able to help you get the results you are after! If I think the issue requires expertise beyond mine or a different consultant, I will discuss this with you, give you the option to cancel and will point you in the right direction.

Please check out our booking and refund policies here.

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