Why Audyssey Sounds Best with Room Treatment

Reverberation Time & High Frequencies Audyssey can sound can harsh in the high frequencies when set up incorrectly. Part of this issue however is to do with how the algorithm works. When Audyssey designed their room correction system, they were aware that the Reverberation Time (RT60) in the room contributes to the perceived loudness of... Continue Reading →

Configuring Audyssey – The Right Way

The Backstory I remember I was 23 and I had just gotten my first job out of uni. I was really interested in home cinema technology and I decided to save up for a top of the line Denon with Audyssey. It was a tank of a machine.  I came from a bottom of the... Continue Reading →

How to choose the right display?

There are so many brands, makes and types of displays on the market today that it is rather difficult to choose one for your living or home cinema room. In effect, there are 3 major things you need to look for when evaluating the quality of a display: Black Level & Shadow Detail Performance One... Continue Reading →

How to wire up your speakers!

In my previous post, I explained how to position your speakers for surround sound. Next I would like to show you how to wire them up. This is something you do even before you plug your AV Receiver in. It is really simple to do if you get the basic principles below. Red and Black... Continue Reading →

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