Yamaha YPAO R.S.C – Take Two

YPAO - The Lost Manual Since this guide was written many years ago, I have spent 100s of hours furiously learning about and testing all the Room Correction solutions as a way to create my perfect dedicated Home Cinema. While I have achieved that goal - and then some, I really wish for others to... Continue Reading →

Yamaha YPAO and YPAO R.S.C.

What is Yamaha YPAO and YPAO R.S.C If you have a Yamaha Surround Sound Receiver from the last few years, it will most likely have a room calibration system called Yamaha Parametric [Room] Acoustic Optimiser. In simple terms, using a microphone, YPAO will take you through a process to optimise the speakers in your room... Continue Reading →

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