The Display Calibration Guide – Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Displays1.1 ProjectorsDLP
1.2 Flat PanelsLCD
Direct View LED
Other Display Types
Chapter 2: Display Characteristics2.1 The BasicsBrightness
Black Level
White Level
Gamma / EOTF
Colour Gamut
Colour Volume
2.2 Dynamic Light ControlProjectors:
Lamp Dimming
Dynamic Iris
Laser Dimming

Flat Panels:
Local Dimming
2.3 Dynamic Image ProcessingDynamic Gamma
Dynamic Colour
Dynamic Tone Mapping
Object-Based Processing
Chapter 3: Display StandardsSDR Standards (Volume 1)
HDR Standards (Volume 2)
SDR BT.2020
Dolby Vision
Chapter 4: Profiling and Calibration OverviewPatterns vs Patches
Recommended Pattern Sizes and Intensities
Recommended Frame-rates
The Workflows (overview)
The Procedures (overview)
Chapter 5: Workflows for SDR5.1 Setting Up the DisplayBrightness
Gamma / EOTF
Which Gamma Standard?
Input Level
Colour Space
Chroma Subsampling
5.2 Setting Black and White LevelBlack Level
When Black Crush is not a Black Level Issue
White Level
Note on Internal Mapping Tables
5.3 Profiling the DisplayIntroduction
Gamma / EOTF
5.4 Calibrating the Display – GreyscaleTwo-Point Greyscale
The Issue with Using Offset Controls
Multipoint Greyscale
5.5 Calibrating the Display – Gamma / EOTFWith Gamma Controls
With Greyscale Controls
With Contrast Control
5.6 Calibrating the Display – CMSUsing Tint/Hue & Saturation
Using Multi-Axis CMS
Chapter 6. Validating the Calibration6.1 Validation Through Profiling
6.2 Validation Through Patterns
6.3 Validation Through Content
Chapter 7. Introduction to HCFR7.1 Setting Up the BasicsMeter Selection
Installing HCFR
Installing ArgyllCMS
Installing the Sensor
Internal vs External Patterns
Aiming the Sensor
HCFR Startup and First Project
7.2 HCFR ConfigurationConfiguring Preferences
SDR Setup (Volume 1)
HDR Setup (Volume 2)
Monitoring the Target Curve (Gamma or EOTF)
Editing Measurement Parameters
Editing Automatic Pattern Generation Options
The Project Screen in Detail
Chapter 8. HCFR SDR / HDR Workflows8.1 SDR/HDR Greyscale ProcedureGreyscale Profiling
Greyscale Calibration
Verifying Results
How to Find Out Which Control corresponds to Which Stimulus Level (Volume 2)
8.2 SDR/HDR Gamma / EOTF ProcedureGamma / EOTF Profiling
Gamma / EOTF Calibration
Verifying Results
8.3 SDR/HDR Colour Management System (CMS) ProcedureCMS Profiling
CMS Calibration
Verifying results
Chapter 9. Other Display Settings9.1 All DisplaysDynamic Light Control
Sharpness & Super Resolution
9.2 Projector SpecificPanel Alignment
Electronic Masking
Appendix A. Chromaticity Coordinates
Appendix B. About the Author and Thank You Voucher

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