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SimpleHomeCinema operates within the Sydney region in Australia currently, however, we do online consultation over Australia and internationally over FaceTime or Skype.

Service What We offer
Home Cinema Advice Advice on how to source equipment, set it up or anything else home cinema related.
Home Cinema Design The design of the size, layout, and wiring of the home cinema space for the ideal picture and sound.


Equipment Set-up From opening the box to having it all work together.
Audio-Visual Calibration This is the critical bit! Both audio and visuals as the director intended including:

  • Speaker positioning, equalization and speaker balance set-up.
  • Day and night mode for video and audio
  • Gamut, grayscale and gamma calibration for displays
Equipment Sourcing Sourcing equipment according to your budget. This can range from second-hand and factory-refurbished equipment to the latest high-end gear at the best price.


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