Services and Pricing

I operate within the Sydney region in Australia currently, however, I do online consultation internationally over FaceTime or Skype. Please make sure you specify this when you contact me using the below contact form. Thank you!

Service What I offer
Consultation If you only need advice on how to source equipment, set it up or anything else home cinema related, start here.

I do consultation over FaceTime or Skype. Please contact me for more.

Equipment Sourcing Sourcing equipment according to your budget. This can range from second-hand and factory-refurbished equipment to the latest high-end gear at the best price.
Equipment Set-up From opening the box to having it all work together.
Audio-Visual Calibration This is the critical bit! Both audio and visuals as the director intended including:

  • Speaker positioning, equalization and speaker balance set-up.
  • Day and night mode for audio
  • Gamut, grayscale and gamma calibration for displays
  • Day and night mode for video
Home Cinema Design The design of the size, layout, and wiring of the home cinema space for the ideal picture and sound.

Pricing: From AU$50 / hour. Please contact me for a quote using the contact form below.

Why should you care?

I believe having the best picture and sound at home is not dependent on budget, but dependent on getting the best equipment your money can buy and setting it up in a way that delivers accurate picture and accurate sound as the director and the broadcasters intended. Unfortunately, most displays and sound equipment you buy today has been calibrated to look and sound best on the show-room floor, not in your home.

As an example, this means that 95% of TVs have an inaccurate colour push towards the blue spectrum in a way that’s not correctable by eye. It results in subtle shades of other colours to be muted. The only way to get around this is to have the display calibrated for both gamut and grayscale.

Below is an example of a display that has been calibrated:

On the left is the uncalibrated image. Notice the blue jacket and the blue reflection of the light on the hair and faces. On the right is the calibrated image. Notice the different shades of blue on the jacket as well as the subtle shades of green being back in the image. The blue jacket is now a different shade of blue than the reflection of the fluorescent light on the window. Previously the two were the same.