Secrets of Audyssey – Table of Contents

IntroductionDesign Of AudysseyGenius Solutions
How to Use This GuideThe 4-Point Solution
Speaker Setup
Room Treatment
Setup Routine Considerations
Using the Audyssey App
Post Setup Routine
Chapter 1: Speaker Setup1.1 Main SpeakersIntroduction
Left and Right Speakers
Centre Speaker
Surround Speakers
Front and Rear Height Speakers
Ceiling Height Speakers
Mount, Bookshelf or Free Standing?
1.2 Subwoofer SetupSubwoofer Placement
Setting up Receiver for Subwoofer Placement
Test Methods
Placement Test Method
Subwoofer Crawl Method
1.3 Alternate Subwoofer Positioning OptionsRoom Modelling
Multi-Sub Optimiser (MSO)
Chapter 2: Room Setup2.1 Room InteractionsIntroduction
Bass Frequencies
Early Reflections
High Frequency Build-up
2.2 Listening PositionIntroduction
2.3 Room TreatmentBack Wall Treatment
Floor Treatment
A Note on Coffee Tables
Wall Treatment
Ceiling Treatment
A Note on Bass Traps
Chapter 3: Audyssey – Types and Features3.1 FeaturesMulti-Point Measurement
Multi-Sub Calibration
Dynamic EQ
Dynamic Volume
Audyssey App
Chapter 4: Running Audyssey4.1 PreparationDO’s and DON’Ts of Setup Prep
Mic Placement Patterns
Amp Assignment
Running External Equalisation
Subwoofer Setup
Multi-Sub Optimiser (MSO
The 6m Limit
Setup without Subs
4.2 PositionsStarting Position
Pattern 1 – Tight Pattern
Pattern 2 – Mid-Size Pattern
Pattern 3A – Wide Pattern A
Pattern 3B – Wide Pattern B
Pattern 4 – Restricted Pattern
Designing Your Own Mic Patterns
Multi-Row Seating
4.3 During SetupSubwoofer Levels
Speaker Phase
Chapter 5: After Running Room Correction5.1 Receiver SettingsChecking Speaker Levels
Setting Crossover
Setting Delay / Distance
Setting EQ Curve
Surround Volume Levels
Audyssey Dynamic EQ
Audyssey Dynamic Volume
Editing Audyssey Resultings using the Audyssey App
Music Listening
Audyssey Settings per Input
Chapter 6. Using MultEQ-X to Improve Performance
Chapter 7. Troubleshooting Audyssey6.1 Sound Field Sounds DisjointedCheck Distances
Check Levels
6.2 Subwoofer Too Weak / Too Hot
6.3 Resolving Harshness
Chapter 8: Loudness Compensation and Dynamic EQ8.1 IntroductionWhat is Loudness Compensation
The Issue with House Curves
Theoretical Background
8.2 Audyssey Dynamic EQLoudness Compensation Options
Option 1: Content / Volume
Option 2: Input / Volume
Adjusting Surround Volumes
Choosing an Offset for Movies
Appendix A. Expert Configuration with REWNote: required Manual Calibration with REW guide!
Appendix B. Audyssey Curve Editor ToolNote: this is the user guide for the Audyssey Curve Editor Excel Tool
Appendix C. Integrating Dirac with AudysseyHigh-level notes to get you started!
Appendix D. Audyssey Checklist
Appendix E. Audyssey – If you are listening
Appendix F. For the Geniuses in the Room
Appendix G. High Level Comparison of Different Room Correction Solutions
Appendix H. Thank You VouchersNote: not included in Apple Books version but will honour with Apple Books receipt

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