Advice, Consultation & Sourcing

Are you confused about what projector to get? What type? DLP, LCD, LCOS, SXDR? What about which manufacturer and which model?

What if you want a projector for movies and TV? How about sports? What if you wanted to use it for presentations in a classroom or for your home business? Maybe even do all of the above?

How about what screen to use? Did you know that the type of screen you use can increase contrast performance of your projector and may even allow you to use it during the day or even outdoors in daylight? These are some of the things projector dealerships most likely cannot advise you on.

Why not give us a call and find out how to get the most out of your investment? We will not try to sell you products but give you fair advice. What is more, you can BYO projector for our installations if you prefer to source one yourself. Even if your budget is tight and you prefer to buy a used one, we can advise you on what is a good deal and what isn’t.


Even if you walked into a dealership and found the right projector and took it home, how do you install it?

Did you know that most projectors have inaccurate colour reproduction out of the box? If you spent all that money on a projector, wouldn’t you want the best performance out of it?

How about watching movies during the day and at night? Did you know that having different presets for day and night watching can give you the best picture quality – whatever the time of day? Why compromise contrast at night? Why not allow yourself to use the projector even during the day and have an enjoyable picture?

Projector Calibration

The following services are available for Projector Calibration:

Unknown Grayscale Calibration

This type of calibration ensures that colours on the screen are displayed with the correct shades of green, blue and red and look faithful to the source.

AU$100 – 2 point

AU$200 – 10 point

Unknown-7 Color Gamut Calibration

Ensures you display the correct intensity of colours on the screen.


07b Gamma Calibration

Gamma calibration ensures that you dark areas and light areas of the picture have the right amount of detail. It also ensures that you can watch darker movies during the day when dark parts of the image may lose detail.


JVC Projector Auto-Calibration JVC projectors can be calibrated using a light-meter and laptop very accurately. However, this is still a time-consuming process because of the steps involved.

AU$385 – full calibration

Projector Installation Pricing

Please note that we have the below projectors at great prices. We will however advise you on the make and model that would best suit your environment.

 video_projector1600 BYO Projector  AU$399 Installation Only Lead time: 1 week.
 Unknown-2 BenQ W11000 4K Projector  AU$7,550.00 with Installation Lead time: 2 weeks.
 Unknown-3 BenQ W1090 1080p Projector AU$1,300 with with Installation Lead time: 1 week.
 Unknown-4  JVC DLA-X5500 4k Projector  AU$5,500 with Installation Lead time: 1 week.
 Unknown-4 JVC DLA-X7500 4K Projector AU$7,200 with Installation Lead time: 1 week.
Unknown-5 JVC DLA-X9500 4K Projector AU$9,998 with Installation Lead time: 2 weeks.
 43190408 Epson EH-TW-9300W Wireless Projector AU$5,200 with Installation! Lead time: 1 weeks.