Would you like to build your own projection screen?

Would you like to do away with a projection screen altogether and project onto the wall and still get amazing picture quality? Now you can.

The Home Cinema Paint that matches your decor, improves contrast and reduces light scattering for the ultimate picture quality without breaking the bank. It is suitable to paint your living room walls with it so you could simply use them as a projection screen for the ultimate in style!

Projecting onto a white wall reduces picture quality in terms of sharpness and contrast. Our projection paints improve picture quality in daylight and at night by reducing light scattering away from the screen and back to the screen, especially in home cinemas with light walls and ceilings. It also improves contrast in completely black theatre rooms and will rival screens costing many $1000s.

The paint includes a low sheen base with silver particles with a reduced light scattering quality to direct light back to the viewers and reject ambient light from the sides. This improves contrast performance greatly in all viewing conditions including with ambient light or daylight.

Call us now to order or visit our EBay store.

IMG_1982-3 Medium Grey – N7.5

Suitable for all projectors with at least 1000 lumens of brightness.


AU$120 per litre + shipping. Buy from here.

IMG_1982-3 Light Grey – N8

Suitable for projectors with less than 1000 lumens of brightness.


AU$120 per litre + shipping.

IMG_1982-3 Custom Grey to match your decor or to improve contrast even further.

AU$100 (one – off design fee)

AU$120 per litre.

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