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Installing the Latest Technologies Including 4K and HDR

Do you want to have the latest technologies in your home including 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos and DTS X without taking out a second mortgage? We have all your high-tech needs covered across all budgets.

Our Philosophy

We at SimpleHomeCinema believe that Home Cinema doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. This is why during our consultation, we will offer you options to build screens and equipment racks cheaply and use factory refurbished equipment for affordable prices.

We are also able to source the latest gear affordably if that is your thing.

Some of the brands that we work with:

Automation and Lighting

Home Cinemas have a lot of different equipment that need to be turned on and set to the correct settings. Not to mention, lights, air-conditioning and so on. This can get quite tedious.

We will advise you on how best to manage this using home automation including programmable remote controls, programmable lighting and fun gadgets.

We are also able to set up programmable Media Centre Devices using Kodi for all your digital media library that can be controlled using a remote control and even voice control.

Some of the brands we work with:

Multi Room Video & Audio

Do you listen to music in multiple rooms? How about watching movies? Do you want to use the same source equipment in multiple rooms or on multiple screens?

We can set up different zones in your house to stream audio and video around the home in 1080p and even in 4K.

Design Process

Service Overview
Initial Consultation We meet with you to understand your requirements for your Home Cinema or Audio system.
Design Proposal Options for audio-visual equipment according to your budget.

The design of the size, layout, and wiring of the home cinema space for the ideal picture and sound.

Equipment Sourcing Sourcing equipment according to your budget. This can range from second-hand and factory-refurbished equipment to the latest high-end gear at the best prices.
Equipment Set-up From opening the box to having it all work together.
Audio-Visual Calibration This is the critical bit! Both audio and visuals as the director intended including:

  • Speaker positioning, equalization and speaker balance set-up.
  • Day and night mode for audio
  • Gamut, grayscale and gamma calibration for displays
  • Day and night mode for video

Our Guarantee

All equipment comes with 1 year Australian Warranty or more where the manufacturers have this option. However, even beyond the Australian Warranty period, we will repair equipment at low cost.



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