Dirac Live to Reference – Loudness Compensation with Dirac Live Guide

Dirac Live with Volume Dependent Loudness Compensation

NOTICE: If you have lost your copy for whatever reason, please email me with the email you purchased the manual with and I will send you a new copy.

Dirac Live is great – no – amazing, when set up correctly. But – and this is a huge but – it doesn’t have loudness compensation built in. This means you need to mess around with so called “house curves” and you aren’t quite sure if you are getting the correct tonality as the content was meant to be heard.

  • Are you confused about what “house curve” to use?
  • Have you been messing around with Dirac Live target curves for just to get it to sound right and it still isn’t quite there?
  • Do some curves work great for one content but sound totally rubbish for others?

If you want to LISTEN TO CONTENT AS THE CONTENT CREATORS INTENDED, then this guide is just for for you…


After payment, the PayPal confirmation page will have a button “RETURN TO WEBSITE”, which you will need to press to return and download the manual. If the manual opens in your web browser then please save it from the file menu.

Thank you for your purchase. Please find other products here if you are interested.

What is in the Guide?

(See the Change Log and Full Table of Contents – Coming Soon!)

I reveal the secrets to getting amazing results with Dirac Live including:

  • How to set up your speakers and your room for optimum results to ensure Dirac Live is spending processing on polishing up the sound, NOT correcting setup issues.
  • How to integrate single and multiple subwoofers with Dirac Live
  • The Dos and Don’t of Dirac Setup
  • Emulate Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Yamaha YPAO Volume and ISO226 Loudness Compensation Solutions with Dirac Live
  • Calculate the exact curves based on two blended ISO226:2003 approaches based on hundreds of hours of research, testing and number crunching.
  • Configure and print out your own personalised cheat sheet based on your listening habits that enables you to switch between Dirac Live slots based on volume / content level OR based on input source.
  • Calculation spreadsheet (Dirac Live Curve Editor Excel Tool) that
    • allows you to switch between base curves
    • select loudness compensation strategies and select the compensation amount based on volume and offsets
    • add your own custom base curves
    • add your own unique corrections based on your room if needed
    • edit the Dirac Live Target files with the help of the spreadsheet and included guide
  • Customised Dirac Live Target files that are ready to load based on your requirements without having to mess with a spreadsheet (compatible with Dirac Live 3.0)
  • 40+ pages of dense but easy to understand material
  • 16+ diagrams explaining the concepts in a visual manner
  • Lots of easy to understand explanations to guide you through each step of the process.

Guaranteed Results – Or Your Money Back!

1. Improved sound quality and speech intelligibilityor your money back!
2. Maximised subwoofer performance with smoother and tighter bass!
3. The walls will literally disappear and the sound will appear to be coming from beyond the walls of your room!
4. Gorgeous natural reverberations like in a purpose-built multiplex!

How To Get Support With Your Purchase?

Please use the contact form on my About page. I will be in touch within 24hrs for payment related issues and 48hrs for anything else.

Please note that due to high demand, I am only able to provide support for the manual over email and strictly related to the content within the manual. I can try and point you in the right direction if your question relates to anything else, but I may not be able to provide prompt replies.

If you need support for your specific setup, you are welcome to book some time with me here. These have been priced to allow access for most people. However, places are limited so be sure to book in advance.

Thank you! Roland

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