News: Audyssey Pro is Coming Back!

That is correct! Audyssey is working on Pro installation software for PCs that will allow the use of a higher-quality microphone, more microphone positions and more configuration options than currently available.

They are considering supporting the old Audyssey Pro Installer Kit, so if you still have yours, don’t throw it away. They are also considering either making new microphones available or possibly supporting off-the-shelf ones. I am personally hoping they would support the UMIK-1 as it is something I use and it is a great piece of kit.

Wishing on a Star

I would be delighted if they also improved the algorithm to measure room reverberation characteristics and allow you to tune high-frequency roll-off based on that – just like Pioneer does in their highest end receivers. But I think this is likely a far fetch.

Also, it would be great if they could start using 64bit calculations as opposed to 32bit on the actual DSPs just like Yamaha does so that high resolution music wouldn’t have to be downsampled to 48Khz before corrections are applied. I find that Yamaha sounds cleaner with music than Audyssey does and them switching to 64bits did make a difference in clarity. Audyssey – and admittedly Sound United – have been adding more and more channels but are reluctant to upgrade their DSP power to allow for 64bit precision.

Secrets of Audyssey

In the meantime, check out Configuring Audyssey the Right Way as well as Secrets of Audyssey to prep your speakers, your room and learn good microphone positioning techniques.

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